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     Open the door of the Botanical Park of Cornouaille and, all round the year, immerse yourself in the thousands of fragrances filling this extraordinary site. This 45,000 m² English-style park is the theater of a blooming flora, taking us to a tour around the world, from Chile to Japan, from Canada to Siberia and from Costa Rica to China.

  Wherever you go, all senses are stimulated by an infinity of colors, forms, fragrances born from the Park’s 25,000 plants, which make up around 3,500 different species in total.

  You’ll discover the willow-flowered magnolia which smells like anise, or the Colletia Cruciata which exude vanilla fragrance, but you’ll be in awe in front of the Halopeanum’s efflorescence.

  While getting benefits from the Breton microclimate, each plant was carefully taken care of, and every species have found their own place in this Eden overhung by towering maritime pines flirting with heather.

  In the upper part of the park, the acidity coupled with the lightness of the soil make a perfect breeding ground for the 2,000 azaleas, 360 species of rhododendron, 85 magnolias, 110 maple trees, hydrangeas… In the lower part of the park, the peaty and humid soil creates a favorable environment for the aquatic garden and its rich flora of water lilies, lotus, plantain lilies, bamboos and Gunneras.

  The tour has come to an end. We wish we could take this garden at home with, why not, the gardener’s secrets too!

  J-P Gueguen created within the boundaries of the park a Museum of mineralogy with an ever-expanding collection Brittany, France, Worldwide. It’s free access for all visitors. You can also follow the link to find its site. Museum of minerals and our so remarkable Plants and seeds-Nursery Plants and seeds-Nursery